Paul Robeson

                        Paul Robeson                                 

  The 20th Century's Greatest Renaissance Man    

ďAll that Paul Robeson stood for had enormous impact on American and global history. The combination of his art, intellect and humanity was rarely paralleled. The cruelties visited upon him by the power of the State stands as a great blemish on the pages of American history. But despite the attempt to wipe him from memory, he has endured and continues to influence. It speaks to our most strategic interests that African American children be instructed about the truth of his existence. Indeed it would be in the best interest of all Americans to know what this great patriot offered this nation.Ē  --Harry Belafonte, April 9, 2008, on the occasion of Paul Robesonís 110th Birthday

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"As a direct result of his many-splendored efforts, all people today are enriched and enlightened. And that is why his memory must be kept alive. His songs remembered. His deeds recounted. In measure that this is done, we more quickly learn to respect the selfless contributions of great people of all races and hasten that world of peace, brotherhood and love for which humankind has yearned from the caves
 of yesteryear to the cities of tomorrow."

Professor Don Wheeldin, Los Angeles, April 1978 (on the occasion of the celebration of the 80th birthday of Paul Robeson)



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